Welcome to Sunderø Art Gallery

Sunderø Art Gallery is a meeting place, connecting people with art and artists from around the world. We offer an unique opportunity to find and buy contemporary artworks you´ll fall in love with.

Why art? Because it is an increasingly important part of our lives and we believe it have the capacity to move us as human beings, giving us the opportunity to reflect and enjoy. Some art is mysterious or glamorous. Some even provocative or controversial. Common to all quality art works is that they hardly leave anyone indifferent.

At Sunderø Art Gallery we present all techniques, but have our main focus on photography, drawings and objects. Whatever technique, our mission is to present great works of art that you really don´t want to miss.

We love art, and comics too. That´s why we also represent some of Norway´s finest comic artists.

Our selection of works and exhibitions are curated to present a wide range of works. We will happily assist you if you need advice on what to buy or even collect.

We ship, in most cases, directly from the artist to you. Bring.no handles shipping while Stripe securely handles all payments. There is no tax added on the art we ship from abroad.
We know that investing in art is something special, so get in touch for a chat.

Welcome to the art world!

Karin Sunderø
Director/Curator Sunderø Art Gallery
Email: [email protected]
Tlf. +47 922 54 005