Børge Lund

Børge Lund (NO) is the artist behind the comic strip Lunch. He holds his education from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, and worked for several years as an industrial designer.

In 2007 Lund sent a comic drawing to a series competition held by the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet. He did not win, but continued to work with his new series, named Lunch.

After two periods as a guest comic writer in Dagbladet, he got Lunch published regularly at Teknisk Ukeblad in 2008. The following year Lunch got its foothold in Pondus comic magazine and appeared regularly in Dagbladet.

In 2010 Lund received the Pondus award of NOK 100,000 for Lunch, and in December the same year he entered into a partnership with Strand Comics. His first published Lunch-album, called “K-O-M-I-N-U-K-I-S-J-O-N” (Comminucition) vas launched by Egmont in 2011.

The first edition became immensely popular and sold out in a short time. By 2013 Lunch was published as a magazine of it´s own, with release every six weeks.

It was the biggest new comic commitment in Norway since Pondus and Nemi in 2000 and 2002, with a launch circulation of 60,000.

Today Lunch is published in 90 newspapers and magazines in Norway and abroad, including Dagbladet, Dagens Næringsliv, Adresseavisen, Bergens Tidende, Stavanger Aftenblad, Sydöstran (Sweden), Ekstra Bladet (Denmark), Iltalehti (Finland), Publimetro (Mexico), La Nacion (Costa Rica), El diario expresso (Ecuador) and El informe de David (Panama).

Børge Lund now draws series fulltime. In 2014 he published the first major chronological Lunch-book called “Sykt travelt” (Insanely busy), which went straight into the bestseller lists.

Late 2015 came “Ikke snakk mens jeg forstyrrer” (Do not work while I’m interrupting). Lunch was also published in a small book called “En liten bok om gode kolleger” (A small book about good colleagues).

About Lunch

Lunch is a comic strip series, written and drawn by Børge Lund.

The plot takes place in an office environment strongly influenced by intellectuals and the notorious Kjell; A little man with a big ego, located some distance down the career ladder.

Kjell is the root of all clutter. A know-it with a nose for conflicts and buttocks for sitting. Kjell has the role of sand in otherwise well-oiled organizational machinery. Still, with bad ideas, lousy work ethic, inappropriate comments and the occasional idiotic antics, he still manages to make himself the center of all events.

Nico is dressed in black, and talks brief and arrogant. He thinks the road to hell is paved with Piffi spice, pine trees and Android phones. Nico is not going anywhere near this. He studied “dezign” in London and is sleeping in linen with half-eaten apples on.

If Kjell is sand, Thorsen is oil in the same machinery. Thorsen has a strong conscience and delivers – day after day. Middle management, located between the director and the staff on the organizational map – he possesses the most difficult position of all, trying to satisfy everybody’s needs.

Nothing is too small or to big for Lund not to comment on in the Lunch universe; Nico failing to convince Kjell of the unique qualities of Mac products, Kjells love of strong coffee and dislike for long meetings and snobby lecturers, Thorsen´s problems with HR department and the open office solution imposed upon the staff by the director, arrogant IT supporters, lousy copy machines and so on.

In other words; Things all of us experience during an ordinary working day.

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Børge Lund

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Pondus award 2010