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Beyond the Gaze

There is an increasing interest in landscape painting within contemporary art, and for Spanish born…

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Where the Shadow Falls

There are few terms that contains a wider possibility of interpretations and connotations than the…

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Sheremetyevo International Airport, Starbeyevo, Russia January 25, 2015, 10:34:47 AM
Untitled Helicopter
The Creation - Fragment I
Kollega (Collegue). Blue
Untitled XI
Fox and Ivy
Space Junk
Power plant
The Childs Secret (green)
When a Little Mouse is Going Out
Magic of Seven III
Loose Ends
In painting color is the only truth, 1
Jernvognen (Iron Chart) p. 44
Diary III Search for innocence (detail)
Dunce #105
Who Wants To Live Forever (detail)
The Supervisors' Final Announcement Part 3
Flatland Purple
Cover. Page 1
Matje Feltpoeten (Matje the Field Poet)
Dear Rikard 2 (Kjære Rikard)
Untitled V
Squeezed Egg Vase
Polaroid Pictures VIII
Embrodery: Foldings II
Growth II
Vampire 11, The Aftermath
Dots I
Nanuq Polynia
Roundabout B
Deadly Nightshade
Trump Mask V