Ina Otzko

Ina Otzko

Ina Otzko (1972) is born in Sandnessjøen, Northern Norway. She has completed three Masters. Two in Goldsmiths College University of London, UK (MA Image and Communication and MFA Fine Art) and one in UdK (Universität der Kunste in Berlin), Germany (MA Sound Studies).

Otzko is co-founder of and directs ABH (ArtBase Helgeland 66°N, Norway) and its AiR Helgeland – Artist Exchange Program. She is on the artistic advisory board of LIAF (Lofoten International Art Festival), takes commissions as Art Consultant for KORO (the Norwegian Public Art commissioning body), is Chairman of NNBK/ North-Norwegian Visual Artist Association and Alstahaug Art Society.

Otzko works with various mediums including photography, video, sound, sculpture, installation and text. Her works has been presented in numerous spaces, museums and galleries both at home and internationally. She travels a lot and currently lives and works in Northern-Norway & Italy.


Ina Otzko is interested in the individual’s ability to resist and adapt to physical, mental and emotional changes. In her works she reflects upon how sound and vibrations affect mankind as well as the environment.

Thoughts, feelings, behavioural patterns, choices and actions are shaped also by what one does not see, but still absorbs. Otzko reflects on this, and on how energy affects all development of life on earth, whether human, animal or plant life.

In her works Otzko investigate how the human relationship between time, power and freedom challenges our collective existence; How our common responsibility glosses over the contradictions between sustainable development and nature’s own ecosystem; How shared thoughts influence our identity, our behaviour and the inherent individual responsibility we shy away from in favour of personal priorities;

She asks how we handle our communal responsibility with the rise of private ownership of the earth’s resources and how repetitive actions affect and alter man in a given selected or forced situation.

The common theme of her works is the challenges humans encounter with earth’s cycles of nature – and the encounter of their own cycles and passing of time.


Ina Otzko

Photos, Objects

Eric and Louise Franck Collection, London UK
Ingo Seufert Gallery for Contemporary Photography, Munich Germany
Alstahaug Municipality, Norway
Helgeland Kraft AS, Mosjøen, Norway

COMMISSIONS (selected):
British Petroleum, BP Norway AS, SKARV FPSO (permanent installation)
N E W S. For NNKS – Mind The Map!, Barents Spektakel, Kirkenes (No) Sandnessjøen Gymnasium (No) (permanent installation)
FALLING FOR RELIGION, Galleri Backer, Vestfold University College (No)
Firmus Female, Petter Dass Museum (No)
BIP – Berlin, Germany
Haugaland DPS, Rogaland Art Centre, (No) (permanent installation)
Stella Domus, sculpture. DKS, collaboration with Ura skole, Sandnessjøen, (No) (permanent installation)
Mennesker og Landskap (Man and Landscape). HALD AS, Norway

Da Adolfo Positano, Italy 2014
Interiors 72/12 Norway, 2012. Collaboration with Hanne Bramness (poems)