Situations, 2017 (large detail)

Ambiguous Situations and Spaces

Through site-responsive installations and works on paper, Gelah Penn (USA) research the relationship between past and present, trying to capture and convey a narrative in abstraction. Works by Penn is…

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Trofé Corvus cornix

The Power to Define

Who has the power to define the value of life and death, living creatures or things? What´s good food or not, and what´s worth spending time on? These are questions Sunderø Gallery artist Tove Kommeda…

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Moore than Meets the Eye

Sunderø Gallery artist Patrick Thomas expresses his opinions and observations of modern society via a carefully honed and masterful manipulation of common signs and symbols. In recent years he has exh…

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Summer Landscape with Radio

Currents Below the Surface

You´re focusing on the radio, lifting your eyes to look for something ore someone outside of the window. Or perhaps you look into your own soul. Meditating what man is capable of. It´s 22. July, and y…

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The Steel of a Warrior

What is the connection between Sunderø Gallery artist Marius Martinussen, gladiators and Voss? Bear with us, and we´ll explain. Gladius was the Latin word for the ancient Roman foot soldier’s primary …

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MegaCity #2

Impossible Realities

Please welcome Kay Arne Kirkebø, our newest artist! Kirkebø works with drawings, videos and books, which are all connected through the act of drawing. His amazingly detailed cityscapes have enthralled…

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Fox and Ivy

Eccentric Persians and Wild Rugs

Debbie Lawson’s sculptures, where 3D flora and fauna surreally spring from the intricate patterns of Persian rugs, draw out a buried dream life of objects. Yet they do so in a way that cannily disrupt…

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Blurring Dreams and Reality

A small pearl of an art event takes place at Klepp Art Society next week, when ArtLego artist Roald Sivertsen opens his exhibition “Et uskarpt liv” (A Blurred Life). In this exhibition Siv…

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For Loves Sake

St. Valentines Day is coming up, and reminds us to bring kindness and love to our dear ones. With it, comes the question of whether or not to give something beside love. If you have problems finding s…

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Houses of Reflection

We are happy to announce that Sunderø Gallery artist Tove Kommedal´s works “Bardo” (2015) and “House I, II and III” (2016), will be a part of the Spring exhibition at Charlotte…

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