Irina Greciuhina

Irina Greciuhina is inspired by everything … beauty, music, people, great cities, silence, emptiness and everything that is understandable to her. In her travels she spends hours wandering through galleries and museums, soaking up stories, each artist has his own, unique. Then she creates her own story – in her way.

Greciuhina feels that contemporary art often tends to describe and explain the chaos around us. In this artistic landscape, she feels like a miner underground, trying to extract diamonds of truth and happiness, asking what makes us react on the harmony of sounds in music or the smoothness of the lines in a painting.

Her motivation is based on a hope that artists may create a new reality, a new philosophy, where the main objective of all public institutions will be human happiness.

Greciuhina looks at the world with a passionate point of view. Her eyes see details that might not be important for others, but that means a lot to her. She interprets these impressions and translates them into her own language on canvases. – It’s all in my senses, she sais. – I imagine forms and colours to everything I listen to, smell or touch.

The artist is happy having the possibility to be subjective and even inadequate in her creativity. – Here I can act against the rules, I can invent my own language and do not have any tingle of regret.

– If you create something not for sale, but rather things which impress you deeply, then it is definitely a way to success! The most esteemed treat is when we are honest towards ourselves, Greciuhina states.

Greciuhina invites you to a trip into her imagination…

Irina Greciuhina

Irina Greciuhina



A’DESIGN AWARD & COMPETITION – Interior Space – Yamino restaurant (2018)
BIGSEE INTERIORDESIGN AWARD 2018 – Hospitality – Yamino restaurant (2018)




Moldovian artist Irina Greciuhina (1982) is educated at the Technical University of Moldova – Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning (2000-2006) and the Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts – Theater Faculty (2000-2003). She has had both solo and group exhibitions and is awarded the A´Design award as well as the Competition and Bigsee Interiordesign award (2018) by hospitality of Yamino restaurant, Moldova.

View her short film about her solo exhibition Man Follows The Sun – Personal exhibition, at Castel MIMI in Moldova here