Svein Rønning

Svein Rønning holds his education from the Art Academy in Warszawa (painting) and Bergen Applied Art School. He has worked as an artist since 1970 and has had a long series of exhibitions at home and abroad since then.

His paintings, graphics and sculptures are purchased by all major Norwegian public collections.

Rønning worked as professor in sculpture at the Art Academy in Bergen between 1994-2000, and has taught at the Art Academies in Oslo and Gothenburg.

Rønning has received numerous grants and is responsible for a vide range of commissions.

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Svein Rønning works with painting and fine art commissions. In his poetic paintings you find subtle colours and structures reflecting photography and photo-like repetitions.

His paintings are often frontal and symmetrical, without the dynamic design idiom of classical painting. Still, one might argue that they have more in common with Byzantine paintings than what you find in modern, abstract-expressive works.

Their content lies in the conceptual; they represent reflections more than the formal narrative. Colours and the valour of them, together with visual sensuality, are fundamental qualities of his paintings.



Norwegian Council of Culture´s Grant for Project
GI – the National Guaranteed Income for Artists
The National Scholarship for Artist Material
Compensation Fund Grant
Hordaland County´s Artist Grant
Ulrich Hendrichsens Memorial Grant
Bergen Municipality´s Artist Grant
The National 3 yrs. Scholarship for Artists
Bergen Municipality´s Cultural Grant

Union Scene
Scandic hotell
Solstrand Hotell
Høyskolen i Førde
Fløibanen, Bergen