Marius Martinussen

Marius Martinussen holds a Masters Degree from the Art Academy in Trondheim. He has a wide range of solo and group exhibitions both in Norway and abroad.

Martinussen is, among others, purchased by Statoil, the Norwegian Central Bank, the Norwegian Ship owners’ Association and the Cultural Council of Norway.

He has also performed several commissions for various institutions.


Marius Martinussen is a painter with many facets. In a few years he has distinguished himself as one of the most prolific and prominent painters who grew up in the 80s and 90s.

Martinussen uses media and advertising language in his arts. Through this he provides contemporary art a distinct expression.

Martinussen is a skilled colourist. His paintings are vivid and extravagant, with a wide register of references to the visual popular culture. His colour combinations create a dynamic expression reminiscent of big city illuminated signs and graffiti.

When describing Martinussen´s paintings, one often refers to pop art, expressionism and modernist abstraction when. He approaches challenges of painting through formal experiments but also through references to art history, implementing different styles of expression and art theory.


Marius Martinussen

Painting, Print

COMMISSIONS (selected):
The Knowledge Park, Finnsnes AS
The Knowledge Center, Entra Eiendom, Sandvika
Book & Blues House, Notodden
Bjerke College, Oslo
Northern Norway University  Hospital
NSB School, Drammen
Bjørnestien Kinder garden, Horten
Hisøy School, Arendal
Kjell Henriksen Observatory, Svalbard
AKS- Kulturhus, Hammerfest
Gosen School, Stavanger
St. Olavs Hospital, Trondheim
Burj Dubai, Emaar, Dubai
Arendal Cultural Center
Olavs Hospital, Trondheim