Frode Skaren

Frode Skaren started his one-man company while still studying Visual Communication at Oslo National Academy of the Arts. After completing a BA he moved back to his hometown of Kvinesdal to set up his studio in an old barn.

Skaren often works under the alias Uglylogo and is best known for his charming characters and funny illustrations. His works has been featured in national newspapers like Dagens næringsliv, Morgenbladet and VG, and international magazines such as Monocle, The Wire, Computer Arts, Businessweek, and Little White Lies, and on the cover of Creative Review.

In 2017 Skaren vars awarded gold and diploma by Visuelt, for his work ”Illegal Burger” and  illustratings in the annual rapport of Helseutvalget (NO).

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Frode Skaren does not consider making illustrations and art as a job. It would be more correct to describe it as his identity. Skaren has an incredible urge to create, or fix a problem through visual aids.

The artist spends very long time on ideas and on how to transform it to a drawing, reflecting on various compositions and characters before he arrives at a solution he likes. When he finally draws it, he often needs to draw only one sketch.

Frode Skaren draws with pen on paper. He is a strong believer in using ink or markers on real good paper instead of drawing digitally. This process probably takes more time, but he loves to create something that he knows is genuine and physical, as there is only one copy of. That’s probably also why he enjoys working with a silkscreen printing technique where each print becomes a unique piece of art.

Skaren finds the process of silkscreen printing awesome: He alone has complete control over the entire process from idea and drawing, to the selection of colours and the press. He also choose the quality of the paper and how many to print. For him it is a challenge to have control of the whole process. This way the result becomes incredibly rewarding for him as an artist.

His motives often consist of charming characters, based on real people. He likes to use humour in in his works and try to hit the interest of both children and adults. There is something for all ages in the Uglylogo world.