Solveig Landa

Solveig Landa is a graduate at Montana State University and the University of Washington, USA. She works with prints and sculpture and is the manager of the Printmaking Workshop in Stavanger, Norway. In addition she teaches printmaking.

Landa’s images are abstract and symbolic. She is inspired by powerful natural landscapes, the forces of nature and plant forms. Relating to nature is for her a way to explore human relationships and also how we humans relate to nature.

Landa has participated in exhibitions at home and abroad. Works by Landa are purchased for a number of public buildings and she have had several art commissions, among them for Sandnes municipality. Landa is represented by the Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle. Her latest exhibitions were in Prosjektrom Normanns and Kunstgalleriet in Stavanger and Bryne Art Association, Norway. Beside this she also participated in the Stand Out Prints 2016 at Highpoint Center for Printmaking in Minneapolis.


Solveig Landa works with graphics and sculpture. Vulnerability, risk and balance are key words to understand her subtle, minimalistic compositions.

Landa works are intuitive. They contain a world of symbols and a language that appeals to the collective memory. And as such they become metaphors for inner emotions and interpersonal relationships.

Her motifs often consist of only two to three formal elements, bound together by a narrow line. Through the juxtaposition of simple shapes, Landa aims to describe the fragility and tension that exists in both man and nature. Her works are personal, and as such they also support her own experiences, her wondering and processing of complex relationships. And although being genuinely serious, her works also expresses ease, fun and grace.

Landa is an explorer of graphical working processes, the possibilities and limitations of the format. Her works are not a result of printing motives from a metal or stone plate, or a carved wooden block. Each of her hand printed graphical works are unique, and they often takes hours or even days to complete.

Her printing objects are found in nature and her surroundings. It may be a leaf or a branch, but just as well a tool or something strange and unrecognizable, that Landa finds interesting.

In her works the objects lose their original function and enters into a new context. Something we can wonder about and reflect upon.


Solveig Landa


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