Sofia Tatarinova

Tatarinova was born in 1984 in Moscow. In 2007 she graduated from Moscow Press University, then studied at Vadim Gushchin’s photoschool, The Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia (classes of Vladimir Kuprianov, David Riff, Ekaterina Degot’).
Tatarinova is a member of the Russian Photographic Union, and lives and works in Innsbruck. She has exhibited her works in solo and group exhibitions both in Russia and abroad, and is awarded the Russian Ministry of Culture´s governement grant for Young Photographers (2008), Moscow House of Photography Museum´s special prize (2010) and the Italian Glocal Rookie Award (2012). In 2018 and 2019 she was listed one of the top 100 of best young Russian artists – taking #9 position.

Works by Tatarinva are purcased by collections both in Rusia and abroad.


Sofia Tatarinova
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2008 — the government grant from the Russian Ministry of Culture, “Young Photographers”, Moscow
2010 — the special prize of the Museum «Moscow House of Photography», Moscow
2012 — the Glocal Rookie Award, Italy

ZOOM (Russian) 11-12/2008
DATUM 12/2011
7 Infra-mince\ revue de photographie, 2012
Wall paper magazine London 2014
Harper’s Bazaar Art 2015
TT Zeitung 2016

Private collections in Russia, Germany, Canada, USA, Italy, Austria, Japan, South Korea
The collection of “Bank of America”
The collection of “Stiftung Südtiroler Sparkasse”


As an artist, Sofia Tatarinova tries to find the space between realm and imagination, using wildlife as my theme. She reflects on the problem of the spectator’s vision and perception, the complex relation between viewer and a picture.

Tatarinova is interested in showing scenes that could happen in real life by means of set-up photography. It is important for her to keep the spectator’s attention, to rise his imagination and make him believe in what he sees.

This artist is attracted to nature as theme of her art works. She is fascinated by the mystic of nature and exploring new realities.