Kjetil Finne

Kjetil Finne (NO) holds his education from the School of Arts and Crafts, Graphic Design Department, Bergen, the Academy of Fine Arts, Bergen and the Academy of Fine Arts, Krakow in Poland.

Finne has exhibited at a number of galleries in Norway, Europe and Palestine, both in solo and group shows. He has commissioned works at NATO headquarters in Norway, Rogaland County Administration, Stavanger University and Tysvær municipality.

Finne is represented at several museums and collections; Rogaland, Haugesund and Skien Museums of Fine Arts, the Norwegian Council for Cultural Affairs, Stavanger Municipality, Rogaland County, Palestinian Municipality in Jericho, “Art At Work”, Oslo, Statoil Art Collection, Otto Johannessen´s Foundation, Haugesund.

Finne´s works are published in a number of catalogues and books and he has received a number of scholarships.
Photo courtesy of Finn E. Våga


Kjetil Finne is known for his large-scale works on paper and canvas. The artist often works at a number of pictures simultaneously, in series with repeated motives and attributes; walls, bananas, light bulbs, glasses, a monkey…

All though at first glance somewhat realistic, his works often picture isolated and solitary individuals in surreal settings; maybe with a scull attached to the head by a string, shoes on the hands or something growing out of the head.

His pictures speaks of melancholy and mystery, how to exist as a human in a strange and scary world. Although introvert, his figures still questions their situation. And maybe in doing so prevents their situation from being solely depressive.

Human rights are central to Finne, and he has engaged himself in the Palestinian situation. He feels that as an artist he has to speak out about injustice on the West Bank, the occupation of Palestinian property, violations of human rights and international agreements.

The Israeli separation wall and the takeover of Cliff Hotel in Jerusalem resulted in exhibitions with this issue as a topic. In these works he asks what it does to people, placing them behind a wall and to take their livelihood from them.


Kjetil Finne

Drawing, Painting

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