Morten Abel

Morten Abel (born 15 October 1962) is a Norwegian visual artist and musician, famous both for his solo career and for his years with the bands “Mods”, “Peltz” and  “The September When”.

Abel has achieved five Spellemann prizes for his work in music, and was inducted into the Rockheim Hall of Fame in 2018.

As other musicians before him, Abel has always been interested in visual art. Some years ago, he decided to follow his interest and explore other ways of expressing his creativity besides music. Studies at Rogaland Art School (NO) followed, and Abel is now established with his own studio at Elefanten Work Space for artists in Stavanger (NO).

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Morten Abel expresses himself both in paintings and prints, thus allowing himself to explore different artistic languages. He often works in series, as a way of immersing himself in a subject. Key motives have been the relation between power and oppression and the heavy symbolism attached to concepts like boats or roads.

Abel´s artistic language is expressive, often to the limit of the possibilities that lays within a painting. His works are the result of a long process, where he paints, then wipes out and makes changes in order to obtain an even stronger and more emotional effect. This intensity shows in all his works. Also in his prints, even though they appear more playful and relaxed. As Abel himself say:

– My art is about the process. About being in the moment, taking chances and being strict and ruthless. The works must have a feeling, and I work until the feeling is there.