Hunsbedt Eiene

Snøfrid Hunsbedt Eiene (NO) holds her education from Rogaland Art College and the Art Academy in Bergen. She is associated to the Atelier house for artists at Tou Scene, Stavanger.

Hunsbedt Eiene works mostly with drawing and painting. She has exhibited in numerous galleries in Norway, among them Hå old vicarage, The Norwegian Drawing Assosiation, Oslo, Stavanger Art Society, Gallery Langegaarden, Bergen, Bryne Art Society, Kunstgalleriet, Stavanger, Skur 2, Stavanger and Haugesund Art Society.

Hunsbedt Eiene has also participated in a number of group exhibitions like Vestlandsutstillingen, Sørlandsutstillingen and Høstutstillingen.

Her works are included in the collections of the Norwegian Cultural Council, the Fund for Norwegian crafts, Stavanger Museum MUST and Haugesund Art Gallery.

Snøfrid Hunsbedt Eiene has received various grants and has been art consultant of official projects instituted by Rogaland County and various municipalities in Norway.


Snøfrid Hunsbedt Eiene´s motives are often old embroideries. Tablecloths, pillows and other domestic fabrics from earlier times form the base of her motives. The diligence and care that underlie such embroideries is repeated in Eiene´s drawings, in her loving care for lines and soft shades.

The drawings of the embroideries form a tribute to all the painstaking work that has taken place by women through generations. It’s as if she expands embroidery field with these drawings, and as if she engages in a form of evidence gathering of all this old, before it disappears completely.

Hunsbedt Eiene also has a soft spot for old, abandon houses. With an amazing care both for detail and whole, she creates a kind of everyday portraits of them. Nostalgia is present in many of her drawings. In some of them she leaves parts of the paper untouched. It is, as she wants to say that this is all I remember; By abandoning a house our memory of it fades slowly away.


Snøfrid Hunsbedt Eiene


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