Yngvar Larsen

Yngvar Larsen (f.1966 in Oslo) lives and works in Waterloo, Belgium. He graduated from Bergen Academy of Art and Design and Kumasi College of Art, Ghana.

Larsen has participated in several exhibitions both in Norway and abroad, and ran the now defunct Snowball Editions art gate. He has also run the photography blog project DARKER since 2010, in collaboration with designer and photographer Erik Johan Worsøe Eriksen.

Commissions by Larsen might be seen at Rikshospitalet and the Institute of Psychology in Oslo, among others. His works are purchased several times by the Norwegian Council of Culture, and he is represented in several private collections. Larsen has received numerous grants and project supports since he finished his studies in 1992.

Yngvar Larsen has for the last 20 years lived long periods abroad. Among the cities he has been living in are Hong Kong (China), Rotterdam (NL) and Miami (FL, US). He currently lives in Waterloo, Belgium.


Throughout his 25-year career, Larsen has been working in a variety of techniques and materials. He was highly influenced by the conceptual art tradition that grew in the early 90 century, and as a result, many of his installations are contextual.

Larsen´s moving around-existence has led him to work extensively with lightweight media. In recent years he has worked mainly with small sculptures and photography.

Thematically, Larsen works revolves around the major questions of life, with clear references to politics, ethics and religious issues.


The 67 lynxes standing on boxes equal the number of lynxes shot in last years hunt in Norway. In this project Yngvar Larsen asks us to reflect upon mans relation to wild life and nature, and whether we allow preditators in our fauna. When exhibited, the whole installation consists of 310 lynxes, the total population of animals in Norway. 67 of them are placed on black boxes, giving the viewer a haunting reminder of how many of the beautiful wild cats that was shot this year. Also remembering that the lynx is Norway´s only wild cat, and that the actual number of animals is so low.

All lynx sculptures are hand made, and differ in shape. All the unique lynx sculptures at the ArtLego shop comes with black boxes. If you are interested, the entire installation with 310 lynxes (including 67 of them on boxes) may also be sold as an installation. For more information, please contact us at [email protected]

The Trump Mask Series

The last thing Yngvar Larsen did before moving from Florida to Brussels in 2016 was to make a the Trump Mask series. The series consists of 6 digital photographic prints, made with face-swap in snapchat. Larsen´s idea was to step into the role of being a 50 (something) white male, and living in the US under Trump.

The series offers a personal approach on viewing the world through the eyes of others, in the upcoming of the presidential  election of USA.