Odd Standard

Constance Gaard Kristiansen and Tonje Sandberg

Constance Gaard Kristiansen´s holds a Master of Arts degree in Ceramic design for Industrial production, and ran her own ceramic workshop in the end of the 90’s.

She worked for 10 years at Figgjo as Product Development manager, and 3 years at Rosenthal  as Design Manager. Gerard Kristiansen has broad experience in designing and developing new products and in working with strategic product development, bordering between the innovative and the commercial.

In addition to designing products, Gaard Kristiansen is the product development manager, head of the Odd Standard microfactory, and manages external production of ceramic and stone products.

Our ambition is to make great products for chefs and restaurants; exploring different materials, old craft techniques and modern technology. Some odd and some standard, the products come in limited numbers, from our own workshop or from our very skilled collaborators.
(Sandberg and Gaard Kristiansen)

Tonje Sandberg holds a Master of Science in Industrial Design from Trondheim, Norway, and Buenos Aires

Her earlier working experience includes 4 years of designing products and managing projects at Figgjo, and 4 years doing business development and branding at Melvær&Lien.

Sandberg´s working experience covers all phases of product development and commercialization.

Other than designing and developing products, Sandberg is in charge of sales and marketing, finance and administration and manages external production of wood, glass and disposable products.
(Photo: Marie von Krogh)


Odd Standard works in a crossing between design and art and craft. It enables them to create experimental objects that underpins food experiences.

The duo explore experiences and associations around food and how it is served, in collaboration with some of the most talented chefs in and outside Norway.

A dining experience is an interaction between food and the object it is served upon or in – and the chef and designer´s different base of knowledge provides a dynamic dialogue that create interesting results.

Odd Standard investigate the potential of various materials; ceramic, wood, metal, paper, glass, stone – and also more innovative materials. Thus they challenge the boundaries of how the materials previously have been processed and used. The duo combine craftsmanship with modern series production and material knowledge to create objects that indeed are odd – different.

Both Gaard Kristiansen and Sandberg has long worked with designing serving products for food, previously for major industrial companies.

Their background as designers form a platform for their conceptual work, their practical experience has always been an important element in their work.

Together and separately they have designed hundreds of products that are in use in restaurants and hotels worldwide.


Odd Standard

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