Lena Alberti

Lena Alberti is a half Norwegian, half Spanish artist. She lives and work in a small town in southern Norway and got her education within visual arts and interior art. Alberti often combines the two and creates artwork specifically for private homes.

The works we show in our gallery are abstract, but Alberti has also expressed herself more realistic, often using the human body as motive. Her resent works are elegantly formed abstract shapes, painted in layers of dots, carefully placed in various sizes on quality paper. The colours of her works are subtle, mostly black and white or black and white with shades of grey, brown and dusted pink.

Alberti finds expressing herself in abstract works both challenging and exciting, as abstract arts are more open for interpretation. She suggests her viewers to forget analysing and instead try to feel what the artwork has to say.

– Ask yourself, she proposes, – How does this piece of art make you feel? Hopefully you will experience similar feelings that I had creating my work.

Lena Alberti