Maya Øvrebø

Maya Øvrebø Maya Øvrebø is a comics artist from Stavanger, Norway. She earned her degree… Read More

Ingjerd Hansen Juvik

Ingjerd Hansen Juvik is a Norwegian artist and author. Lives and works in Argentina. Educated at Art School Kabelvåg (NO), Vestlandet Art Academy in Bergen (NO) and Konsthögskolan in Umeå (SE). In addition, she has studied Art in Public Spaces at North Norway Art Center and attended courses in comic art making. Known as a skilled drawer and illustrator, has written several children’s books. Purchased by North Norway County Municipality, Rana and Svolvær Art Association, North Norway Art Museum, Luleå Municipality (SE) and Norway’s Art Council. Public art projects at Mjølan High School and Harstad Cultural House (NO). Member of artist associations in Norway and Argentina.

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Dunce #105

Jens K. Styve

Purchase Comic stripes available in our web shop ARTIST: Jens K. Styve CATEGORY: Comics AWARDS:… Read More
The Childs Secret (green)

Espen Schei

Espen Schei Espen Schei started early making comics, and was in the 1980s publisher of… Read More
Vampire 11, The Aftermath

Steffen Kverneland

Steffen Kverneland Steffen Kverneland (1963) is a Norwegian artist and illustrator, best known for his… Read More
When a Little Mouse is Going Out

Frode Skaren

Frode Skaren Frode Skaren started his one-man company while still studying Visual Communication at Oslo… Read More
Cover. Page 1

Krüger & Krogh

The Creators The men behind Krüger & Krogh are Ronald Kabíček, Endre Skandfer and Bjarte… Read More
Kollega (Collegue). Blue

Børge Lund

Børge Lund Børge Lund (NO) is the artist behind the comic strip Lunch. He holds… Read More
Matje Feltpoeten (Matje the Field Poet)

Lars Fiske

Lars Fiske Lars Fiske (NO) was born in Oslo in 1966. He is a Norwegian artist… Read More