Morten Abel

Morten Abel, (NO) artist and musician. Solo career, “Mods”, “The September When”.
Five Spellemann Prizes. Inducted into Rockheim Hall of Fame, 2018.

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Njål Lunde

Njål Lunde Njål Lunde (born 1973) studied at the National Academy of Fine Arts in… Read More

Svein Tråserud

Svein Tråserud Svein Tråserud grew up in Heddal at the outskirts of Notodden, Norway. He… Read More

Børge Bredenbekk

Børge Bredenbekk Norwegian Artist and Illustrator Børge Bredenbekk (1975) grew up in Stavanger. He studied… Read More

Yulia Horst

Yulia Horst Artist, illustrator and author Yulia Horst (b. 1978) was born and raised in… Read More
The Creation - Fragment I

Arkadiy Petrov

Arkadiy Petrov Russian born artist Arkadiy Petrov is deeply concerned with the matters of beauty.… Read More

Jan Kjetil Bjørheim

Jan Kjetil Bjørheim Jan Kjetil Bjørheim was born 1968 in Norway. In 2003 he graduated… Read More
Dunce #105

Jens K. Styve

Purchase Comic stripes available in our web shop ARTIST: Jens K. Styve CATEGORY: Comics AWARDS:… Read More
Power plant

Elly Prestegård

ARTIST Elly Prestegård CATEGORY Print, photo Works available in our shop AWARDS: Brügger Jacobsen´s Portrait… Read More

Julia Mordvinova Gilje

Julia Mordvinova Gilje Julia Mordvinova Gilje (born 28.01.1978, Sarov) is a Russian born artist, living… Read More