Regarding Spaces – Cosmoscow 2018

Sunderø Art Gallery has the pleasure to announce that we will attend this years Cosmoscow with the Norwegian artists Christine Istad, Gitte Sætre and Ina Otzko. The artists are chosen on account of their fine artistic oeuvre, and also because we feel their works will reflect our curatorial idea in an outstanding way.

Regarding Space is based on the artist’s interest in human interaction and behaviour; how we physically and psychologically confront and adapt to the spaces in which we live or choose to visit. How does our presence in any given set affect and change our perception of a space? And equally; what is it about some spaces that allow them to affect our memory or alter our identity, perception and behaviour? Identity, relationships, society and modern, high-speed cities – as well as nature and metaphysics – are topics of these artists concern. The main question being what our responses and actions are, when confronted by the uncanny of the unknown, or unacceptable events?

Cathrine Istad highlights details in modern architecture and compact urbanity. In her works people`s behaviour is a reflection of communities of which we are part, where personal identity is interacting with society. In cities where people live cramped, one must find small ‘pockets’ for physical and psychological space. What happens to traditions and fundamental values when high technology and efficiency become the defining powers in our lives? And how is the balance between man and nature maintained when the individual is increasingly defined as a “mechanical figure”?

Gitte Sætre looks at small gestures and how they can play against bodily and psychological frameworks and inherited structures. Sætre focuses on freedom, conscience and choice, both as political and personal experience. Her works depicts collective exercises involving women, juxtaposed with archival material from various wars that unfold. The artist explores the interaction between collective patterns and individual human actions. Her work is characterized by the weight of contemporary society, yet opening room for humour and quiet reflection.

Ina Otzko´s works presents evocative contemplations on the human condition and behaviour. She is interested in the complexity between memory and experience, reality and representation, human behaviour and spiritual ecology. She moves between employing analogue and digital technology, an exchange that offers her alternative ways of reflecting the juxtaposition of our (dis)connected existence. Questions regarding identity and ownership of landscape and body, matters of borders and the space between, is essential in her works.

Cosmoscow art fair will take place at Moscow’s Gostiny Dvor on September 6–9, featuring more than 70 Russian and international galleries and new special projects. Galleries section, curated by the Fair’s Expert Committee members Elena Selina and Olga Temnikova, represents both well established and new Russian and international galleries with their own exhibition space and proactively promoting their artists. The extensive on-site programming that include Focus, Galleries, Past Present, and Projects sections will be enhanced with three new curated sections including Editions, Design, and Frame. 20 000 visitors are expected during the four days of the art fair.

We sincerely thank the Norwegian Office for Contemporary Art (OCA) for financial support and their trust in our gallery.



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