The Uncanny Everyday

Kay Arne Kirkebø is known for his detailed drawings of intricate architecture and isometric urban landscapes. It is easy to get lost in his dystopic Mega City and The Supervisor´s Final Announcement series, where maze-like, hostile architecture and machines dominates all life and nature. As Kirkebø himself reflects; I work with given boundaries and millimetres, like a machine. It can be cold and creepy, but it has to be done…

But in recent times, he has allowed himself a bit more playroom and a break from the time-consuming and rigorous work of the isometric drawings. Kirkebø´s newest works really shows another side of his artistry. Where precision and architecture used to dominate, a relaxed and slacker streak fills the pages of his new book “All is Lost”. The history contains 130 pencil drawings. Each drawing pictures it´s own subtle and somewhat disturbing story, with characters facing the tristesses and worries of every day life.

It is not only us that appreciate Kirkebø´s drawings. The artist has recently exhibited at a number of venues, including Kunstnerforbundet (The Artist´s Association) and will soon promote his works in Tegnerforbundet (The Drawing Association), both in Oslo (NO). Next year he will display works both at Haugesund Art Association and Østfold Art Center, as well as at a book fair in Bologne.

Earlier this year Kirkebø was artist of the month at VISP, where he is interviewed about his work. You may read the article here.

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