Boat Bird

Tuesdays at Tinfabriken

In addition to the web gallery, Sunderø Art Gallery has temporary exhibitions of art. Now we are looking forward to working together with the wonderful people at Tinfabriken in Stavanger, where we invite you to "Tuesday at the Tinfabriken", a celebration of new art and new music! 
First out is our artist Elizabeth Croft, with her subtle photos and prints. As every exhibition opening is combined with a concert, you will have the pleasure to listen to the local musicians Meberg too. Opens at 28th August, 19.00 hrs, adress Ryfylkegata 45, 4014 Stavanger, Norway.
On a fairly ordinary Tuesday, it's nice to do something else for once, so we welcome you to the venerable old factory! The intimate banquet hall and oak corridors through the house will be dressed with artwork and in the party hall you will meet the artist. In addition, talented and locally-connected artists will perform concerts. You will be touched and moved, get a bit of reflection - and you'll be served stories you have not heard before. We guarantee a Tuesday out of the ordinary!

It will also be possible to visit our exhibitions at other hours and days at the Tinfabriken.