The Translucent I

Imagining What Once Was

Kurt Johannessen´s new photo series “The translucent 1-4” shows portraits, slightly printed on glass. The four portraits are family/childhood photos from the 1940s.

The artist works accurately with the visual and aesthetic space. He is a visual minimalist; the pictures are stripped of all that is not strictly necessary for the telling of the story. And yes, Johannessen is a storyteller; in all his art you find narratives of some kind.

Choosing to present the vaguely printed childhood portraits on a translucent glass plate, he seems to imply that even he does not remember these children anymore. As in his Fly series, it leaves the viewer with a feeling of time lost, as if you are watching something that was performed, regardless of your presence, a long time ago. Something that is fading out of memory, but still lingers like an echo of what once was.

The portraits are at display at Trykkeriet in Bergen (NO), from May 5th – 8th.

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