For Loves Sake

St. Valentines Day is coming up, and reminds us to bring kindness and love to our dear ones. With it, comes the question of whether or not to give something beside love. If you have problems finding something that make your chosen one say “Whoa, your awesome“, we offer the coolest solution!

Who said V-Day presents has to be all mushy and cute? If your BFF would get more out of a genuine piece of art than a teddy bear or a box of chocolates, this should be the perfect gift.  Sunderø Gallery presents everything from lol-worthy prints to serious works – all by professional artists.

Here are a few tips:
To a music lover: Patrick Thomas´ Plectrum diamond series
To a friend that loves you even though you sometimes argue: Frode Skaren´s Hug
To a comic book lover: Krüger & Krogh´s works
To the keen yoga lover: Jim Darbu´s Yoga for the Advanced
Or for the environmentalist: Yngvar Larsen´s Lynx Lynx (buying one, you´re also supporting Foreningen Våre Rovdyr)

You can never go wrong with a gift of art! Trust us, it will be the most Non-Lame Valentine´s Day gift ever!

Regards and happy Valentine´s Day from the ArtLego team

PS: If the art you buy maybe technically is a gift for yourself too, never mind. Your love will cherish it anyway, because it´ll keep you visiting!