Blurring Dreams and Reality

A small pearl of an art event takes place at Klepp Art Society next week, when ArtLego artist Roald Sivertsen opens his exhibition “Et uskarpt liv” (A Blurred Life).

In this exhibition Sivertsen display recent works on paper, watercolours and drawings. The artist works in the intersection between realism and surrealism. He inquires into the fine lines between consciousness and the unconscious, as the moment you wake up and are not quite sure what’s a dream and what’s real. How do we absorb and comprehend what is happening around us?

Sivertsen works on the basis of photography from old medical books, academic books and photo albums. The photos may be his own, but just as well pictures he found at a flea market. What interest the artist are the stories behind the documented moment. And also those often blurry persons who can be glimpsed in the background of a photo.

If you´re in the neighbourhood, be sure to find your way to the exhibition. If not, take a look at Sivertsen´s pictures at Sunderø Gallery (More coming up soon)

Further information

Address: Folgehuset, Haugabakka 9, Kleppe Rogaland
Saturday 18. and 25. February 13.00-16.00 hrs.
Sunday 19. and 26. February 12.00-17.00 hrs.