Yngvar Larsen

Lynx Lynx ; All the Norwegian Lynxes

Sunderø Art Gallery and Yngvar Larsen supports Foreningen Våre Rovdyr! Every sold lynx sculpture generates 10 NOK to the organization. In buying one of Larsen´s lynxes you take a stand to stop killing Norway´s only living wildcat, and – in addition – you´ll be the owner of a unique and beautiful sculpture.

Should you wish to get a specific number, please add this to the “Order Notes” at checkout (bottom of the page). Note that the artist keeps an updated list of the remaining numbers that can be purchased here: lynxlynx2016.tumblr.com  The already purchased ones are marked with * after the issue number, like this “# 10 *”.

The 67 lynxes is a part of an installation of 310, the total population of animals in Norway. 67 relates to the number of wild cats that were killed in Norway this hunting season.

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Yngvar Larsen: Lynx Lynx ; All the Norwegian Lynxes

Sculptures in white sculpey
Size lynxes 6 – 7 cm long
Size black box: 8 x 10 x 10 cm
Signed and numbered
Edition: 67 unique lynxes.

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