Everyday Beauty

Elizabeth Croft often seeks to find beauty in the everyday. Trucks, gynecological treatment rooms, clothes, furniture…. has all been subjects of her work.

In a series of drawings and watercolor, Croft highlights what’s close to us. Everyday objects like an urn with a plant, a favorite chair and table, a wardrobe, and clothes. The delicate artworks speak of an artis with an eye for beauty, a gift for keen observations and precision of hand.

English born Croft is interested in the subtle cues and hidden “rules” that regulate members of a society. Her art often has a dark humor, which is directed as much at herself as people and things around her.

Since moving to Norway and in the process of learning Norwegian, Croft started to reflect upon how language effects our thoughts and what is lost in translation. What does it mean to speak a language other than one’s mother tongue and how does it affect everyday life?

Apart from the obvious; Crofts works are wonderful artworks – maybe her interiors can also be seen as an attempt to address the problem of language, “naming” objects by making pictures of them?

View more of Croft´s art here.