Please welcome our new artist, Maya Øvrebø (NO)! Symbolism and mythology are key themes in this artists drawing universe. Her works are inspired by dreams and surreal ideas, like birds, labyrinths, and buildings. Female and/or fantastic figures dominate her stories, whether they belong to a Victorian or a less time defined universe.

The drawings we present in our gallery are from different comics project, like “Lagårdsveien” and her first book «Labyrinth», a wordless comic, set in a labyrinthic structure where a group of people face challenges in a dreamworld with unknown rules.

The history is somewhat esoteric and relies heavily on a symbolic reading of the panels.

The main character is a young woman whose experiences are dreamlike or even hallucinatory. Seagulls occupy a prominent position in the story, as a symbol of chaos that needs to be addressed. As the title suggests, the story includes a labyrinth. Not necessarily interpreted as a physical place, but more like a personal challenge that the protagonist needs to overcome.

Øvrebø´s drawing style is detailed and poetic, especially her “Victorian Lady” and “Expectation” series, which almost reminds one of old book illustrations of Charles Dickens.

Her other comic, “Lagårdsveien”  is a minizine made for the Comnicon festival, which Øvrebø co-arranged in 2019 and 2020. The festival is now on hold because of the covid19 pandemic.