The Joy of Running

We are proud to present new works by Claudio Ethos, inspired both by athlete´s enthusiasm for running and ancient Greek philosophers! The drawings was made during a stay in Jæren, Norway (December 2023), when he was commissioned to do a mural.

Claudio Ethos is one of Brazil´s most famous street artists, with amazing works all around the world. Born Claudio Rafael in 1982 in Sao Paulo, the gifted man has been working with graffiti since the 90’s.

Ethos is influenced by the Sao Paolo tag hand style murals but has developed a unique and easily recognizable style. He prefers to work with large dimensions, sometimes up till 30 meters tall. His works are based on small ballpoint drawings and often surreal, with twisted manipulations of images and landscapes.

Ethos is not only known for his murals, he is also famous for his amazing skills with the ballpoint pen, as seen in the new drawings we have on display at

The colour palette in Ethos´works is restricted – either only black and white or black and white with one added color. His leading motive is man’s struggle against inhuman systems and brutal living conditions. The characters depict emotional and spiritual states of mind, and often describe humans fighting to survive; anxious, disconnected, twisted and invaded by forces beyond their control. And even if some of his works are on the more optimistic side; dreamy or even humorous, it is fair to say that the leading motive in Ethos works is man’s struggle against inhuman systems and brutal living conditions.

Ethos is represented by murals and has exhibited in numerous countries all over the world.
View murals by Ethos in San Paulo Brazil here

Claudio Ethos currently lives between Sao Paolo and LA.