LIMBO – Exhibition, Gry Hege Rinaldo

We are proud to announce our very first solo exhibition in the atmospheric premises of No 18 Kulturkafé, Stavanger. On display are drawings from Gry Hege Rinaldo.

Rinaldo is known for her outstanding skills of drawing and painting, often of people in vulnerable situations, pictured so close that it almost feels invading. Her pictures reveal the artist´s mastery of perspective, and her subtle knowledge of anatomy.

In “Limbo” Rinaldo mainly exhibits new works. Apart from “Spectres of Absence“, which shows a double portrait of two young girls, her motifs are mainly drawn from forests and nature, thus transferring her interest in psychology to the animated nature.

In her forest interiors, Rinaldo draws inspiration from Sigmund Freud’s theories of “Des Unheimlichen”. The term isn´t easily translated into a specific English word, but is related to a general feeling of discomfort, a feeling that something undesirable is about to happen.

“Unheimlich” is related to situations where recognizable elements and sensations are present, but doesn´t quite feel right. A discomfort in nature, where “something” doesn’t add up.

For Rinaldo, the forest is a symbol of the chaotic and incomprehensible; it contains infinity of shapes, lights and shadows, hidden and forgotten elements. In this way we can also see the forest drawings as expressions of the subconscious.

The theme of her twin drawing “Spectres of Absence” has much in common with the forest interiors, and revolves around the theory and research of French psychoanalyst Andre Green, about mother-child relationships.

Green describes a normal relationship between mother and child, as one in which a child receives confirmation of itself and his/her feelings through response; If it cries, it gets comfort. If the child laughs, it is met with reciprocal laughter and smile. The child’s basic needs are satisfied, both physically and mentally, and thus experience a feeling of being loved.

Reflections towards a child’s emotions are crucial for the formation of its identity and inner security. Where these needs are not met for an extended period of time, the child is left to refer only to itself.

In Rinaldo’s drawing, two identical girls are joined arm to arm. They both are and are not each other’s mirror image. The picture is ambiguous: the two girls are each other’s support. In each other they find their identity and security. On the other hand, it seems that they don´t relate to others, only to their other self. Thus they remain lonely, without anchoring in the outside world.

Sunderø Art Gallery has partnered with No 18 Kulturkafé in Stavanger’s (NO) oldest wooden house. The café has a unique atmosphere, good food and drinks, and an ambitious cultural programme, where our gallery host art exhibitions.

Exhibition: LIMBO – Gry Hege Rinaldo
Opening: 29. September 14.00 hrs.
Where: No 18 Kulturkafé
Skagen 18, Stavanger (NO)

Open 29. Sept. – 17. Nov. 2019:
Monday – Saturday 10.00 – 17.00 hrs.
Sundays 14.00 – 16.00 hrs.