Between Darkness and Light

We are pleased to present a new artist; Børge Bredenbekk! This artists works are characterized by his fascination for icons and the technical part of the idea and working process. He works strategically to create art that appeals to the viewer and evokes a feeling of ambivalence – a duality between the scary and the beautiful.

His most recent work consists of a selection of pencil drawings that presents both darkness and light, and a mythological – almost supernatural – aspect through motif, structure and technique. Some of these drawings he has made into prints, among them his mesmerizing “Darwin”. The portrait of the scientist is a tribute to Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, and how it can be a heavy weight to carry. Its almost like the animals are comforting him in his thoughts, and the other way around. Survival of the fittest is cruel, but also means we have some responsibilities. The work we have for sale is a digital art print of the original drawing.

Bredenbekk’s prints are reproduced in high quality and are signed and numbered, whether they be editions of screen, riso or letterpress. His works combines different technical skills with a keen eye for storytelling and graphic expression. The drawn works usually embrace a contrast of darkness and hope, and his graphic work is inspired by idealized images of social realism from the industrial era.

The letter prints we have for sale are three in a series of vintage workers in this graphic style. Bredenbakk is fascinated with social realism from the 1930s and it reminds him how much better our everyday life is for most of us these days. Nothing like a bit of manual labour in this internet era…

Børge Bredenbekk (1975) grew up in Stavanger. He studied for a BA (Hons) Art and Design in England 1993 to 1997 and has since worked with graphic design and illustration for large clients in Switzerland and New York.

The last 10 years he has worked from Oslo in close collaboration with his former collective Brenneriveien and his agent ByHands. Bredenbekk’s works has been exhibited a number of places. His work is divided in two styles, drawings in pencil/charcoal and digitally produced graphic work. His drawings are usually detailed and large scale, and his graphic work combines patterns and bold linework.

View Works by Bredenbekk for sale here