A Midsummer Night Dream

As a midsummer treat we like to refresh your acquaintance with Roald Sivertsen’s wonderful artistic world. Sivertsen is inspired by the thought of man isolated in space and landscape. He studies the transition between light and darkness and how light touches skin, hair and textile. He is interested in how sleep or slumber may be regarded as a kind of disinterested defence, an escape that creates a distance to the surroundings.  Sivertsen will use anything familiar in his works. The rooms we live in, objects we use, emotions and visions, any traces of our existence. Many of his works depicts the relationship between animal and man. Sometimes their roles have been switched, and it´s interesting to see how that effects our perception of the situation.

Sivertsen´s works are characterized by an amazing drawing skill, based on traditional academic craft. His pictures points to no answers, but rather at a condition, a state of mind or emotion. The motives implement both beauty and ugliness, suggesting contradictions in content and translation. We find realistic elements, but as often abstracted or dissolved motives, revealing a magical and somewhat surreal world.

The artist often start his works with photos he finds or take himself. He looks upon them as raw material, an idea or a sketch. From there pigment or charcoal takes over. The basic idea that serves as starting point is sometimes hard to trace in the finished work, even though scars of the process often are left showing.  Enjoy more of Sivertsen´s works in our gallery shop.

Photo: Bever and Fox by Roald Sivertsen