Celebrating Californian Aesthetics

It´s July, summer and perhaps even sunny where you are? If, so you probably stay by the pool. But for all of us who don´t, there might be some  comfort in looking at Sabina Jacobsson’s amazing tribute to David Hockney.

The Collectors is originally a short film project based on paintings by Hockney in the period 1965-1972. The film also touches his theories on the secret knowledge of our old masters from his book in 2001, 2006. Rediscovering the Lost Techniques of the Old Masters. The title The Collectors is taken from a specific painting by Hockney. It refers both to collectors as a factor and players in the art world, and the framework for the formal artistic study.

The film was shot in California with stakeholders Guinevere Turner and Agnes Olech, and is part of a series of short films where Jacobsson uses appropriation as part of  her artistic method.

Jacobson’s work reflects cultural identity and social structures. Through film, photography and installations, she reveals the individual’s role and status, and how relations between groups and individuals regulate patterns of social behaviour. Her stories illustrate a cultural solidarity with political issues.

In addition to the film, Jacobsson has printed stills from The Collectors, available in our gallery shop. The design and architecture of The Collector pictures merges us sensually into an aesthetic tight and stylized imagery, and into a dreamlike world where it would be nice to spend some summer days!

The Collectors was awarded at the 6th Bangalore Shorts Film Festival with Special Festival Mention. 

Website: thecollector-s.com

Sunderø Art Gallery wishes you a nice and sunny summer!

Photo: Sunbather (detail)