Hunting season

The Revenge of the Easter Bunny?

Daffodils’, bunnies, yellow candles and eggs. Easter is upon us, and we proudly present Roald Sivertsen´s version of a bunny. Or – to be precise – a hare.

Roald Sivertsen draws slightly surreal pictures, presenting odd situations. “Hunting Season” is not so easily interpreted; has the hare finally got it´s revenge on the hunter, is he just a passer-by looking at an unfortunate event, or…?

Sivertsen draws in a classical style, transforming impressions from his surroundings into lovely works of art. He´s inspired by nature, and the thought of man isolated in space and landscape. Many of his works depicts the relationship between animal and man. Sometimes their roles have been switched, and he´s interested to see how that effects our perception of the situation. Learn more about Sivertsen and his works at his ArtLego profile.