Congratulations to Fiske and Goksøyr!

We are happy to congratulate our ArtLego-artists Lars Fiske and Sindre Goksøyr with diplomas in The Year’s most Beautiful Books Award. In addition their editor and publisher Espen Holtestaul got the high ranging Bokkunstprisen 2016 (Art of Books) prize. View works by Goksøyr and Fiske in our shop.

Once a year the Norwegian book industry honours it´s visual artists in The Year’s most Beautiful Books Award. All in all 50 books were awarded this year, and Stavanger based Per Dybvig received the gold medal for his book “Hunter – A Tale from the forest”.

Lars Fiske got a diploma for “Automobilfabrikken Fiske”

(“Fiske´s Automobile Factory”). The jury commented that Fiske in this book “as always exercise his drawings in an elegant way, using few colours. His drawings are a rare combo of mechanical and organic forms. A finely tuned use of rhythm in the structure of the pages gives the comic a particularly nice flow. Thoughtful use of materials emphasizes the historical perspective of the narrative”.
View NRK´s  interview with Fiske

Sindre Goksøyr received his diploma for “Your king 3”

The manuscript is written by Odd-Magnus Williamson, and the book is number three in their series about the Norwegian King Harald. The jury commented: “This is a box of chocolates in cartoon form. The content is not chocolate but playful, funny drawings that fits Williamson´s childlike universe, where the illustrations and the hand drawn text provides a unified expression”.

Both Goksøyr and Fiske have received prizes from The Years most Beautiful Books earlier. No Comprendo Press publishes their works, by editor and publisher Espen Holtestaul. Holtestaul was honoured with Bokkunstprisen 2016 (Art of Books prize). The prize is appointed by the Executive Board in Grafill, and is given to a person or business that has made a particular effort to promote good book art through its efforts to design, illustrate, produce or publish books.

Holtestaul … “is responsible for nothing less than a pioneer work in a genre that traditionally had poor conditions. Since its establishment nearly 25 years ago the publisher has been very influential and paved the way for what may be described as the golden age of the genre in Norway. Without him, modern Norwegian comics would not bee at the high level it is today, neither in content or appearance” the board reflected.

We congratulate both our artists and their publisher with their well-deserved awards!