Homage a David Bowie, Lemmy and the UK music scene

In Patrick Thomas ArtLego has found a true admirer of guitar heroes. Coming from Liverpool, it might not be that strange, and with his new series of glam diamond dust spangled plectrum prints he really hits the hearts of all music lovers. This is how he himself describes his fascination:

“I can never resist the allure of a good old rock ’n’ roll guitar shop. This dates back to my time playing (badly) in bands in my youth before I decided that it would be a better idea to make art. Therefore, on a recent trip to Hamburg, I found myself in one around the corner from where the Star-Club—where it all began— once stood on a side street of the Reeperbahn in St. Pauli district. I filled my pockets with plectrums, had a beer and made my way back to the station. By the time my train pulled into Berlin main station I had planned the series.

With the deaths of Bowie, George Martin, Lemmy, Dale Griffin, Viola Beach… 2016 has been a tough year for the UK music scene. This series is my homage to them.”

The ‘Plectrums’ editions are the first release from Patrick Thomas’ new studio in Berlin.

But Thomas is not only known for his plectrum motifs. He has been described as an ‘iconographiste,’ combining iconic images to create a powerful message and make them his own, gorgeously screened and conceptually challenging. Check our shop for more prints