Gitte Sætre

Experience Time Based Art

Love time based art? This weekend you have a great opportunity to experience performances at Bergen International Performance Festival 2016. Among the performers are ArtLego artist Gitte Sætre.

Gitte Sætre is a curator and an artist, working in multiple disciplines (dialog based art, photography, performance, video and sound sculptures).  Her artistic interests lie within methods to understand particular forms of knowledge production, which in our culture circle around certain representations.

Trough various ways of working she investigates roles and positions within the art field, and thinks about art as a way of dealing with her embodied unrest.

Her works at the festival will explore how individuals relate to social and cultural frameworks. Her gestures play against bodily and psychological framework and inherited structures in both a political and personal context, with an underlying focus on women’s freedom of conscience and choice.

Beside Sætre these artists take part in the festival: Nezaket Ekici (DE), Janne Rahkila (FIN), Maline Casta (SE), Sigmund Skard (PAB NO), Örn Alexander Amundason (IS), Alvaro Terrones & Santiago López (ES), Gustaf Broms (SE), Frans Jacobi (PAB DK / NO) and BIT20 + members of PAB.

On Sunday 16. October several of the festival performers will collaborate with BIT20 Ensemble about a Sound Painting performance led by Jostein Stalheim and Ricardo Gassent from Sound Painting Madrid. Sound Painting is a tool for composing improvisions. It has been in development since the 70s, as a kind of sign language for all sorts of creative artists.

BIT20 Ensemble performs a wide range of contemporary music in many venues, and is tradition bearers for art music from the past decades, as well as creating new music and new projects.

Performing Art Bergen (PAB) is a membership organization for performance artists and others interested in visual performance, and runs Bergen International Performance Festival 2016. Their aim is to strengthen and highlight performance art by organizing academic forums, workshops, festivals and international exchanges. The organization is based in Bergen, but works both nationally and internationally.

The organization was founded 08.11.2011 by performance artists Kurt Johannessen (also represented by ArtLego), Agnes Nedregård, Karen Kiphoff, Rita Marhaug, Benedicte Leinan Clemetsen and Robert Alda, and producer Marianne Rønning.

Venue: Landmark/Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen (NO)
14. – 16. October
Opening: Friday 14.october 19:00 hrs.
Open Saturday 15. and Sunday 16. October 13:00-17:00 hrs.