What Was and What Is

Karen Erland is exploring memories in her next exhibition. Memories about her first attempt at writing, formulating thoughts into something readable to others. The first dress she sewed. The expectation that she could transform a fabric into something she might look pretty in. Memories of her mother, kept alive through objects Erland has kept; a pair of gloves, a party dress…

Erland is an artist who strongly relate to her identity when she works. She is inspired by nature, human relationships and items she feels hold a presence of her beloved. And she asks; what´s left when someone or something is lost or gone? What is history’s imprint on the present and the future? Erland modifies her impressions, and translates them into a story expressed through ceramic. A story that alternates between what was, what is and what will be. Through memories and experiences she builds new histories, thus drawing a line between present and past.

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The exhibition will show new works, both in ceramic and porcelain, and opens 1. October 12.00 -16.00

Address: SKur 2
Skansekaien Stavanger (NO)
Open: 1. – 30. October. Saturdays and Sundays 12 – 16 hrs.

Photo courtesy of Tore Wiik