Karen Erland

Ceramic artist Karen Erland (NO) has exhibited in solo- and group shows in Norway, Australia, China and Europe.

Karen Erland is inspired by history, interactions of nature and human relationships. And she asks; what´s left when someone or something is lost or gone? What is history’s imprint on the present and the future?

Transformed by Fire

We are proud to present her wonderful works at Sunderø Art Gallery

Karen Erland has for years performed an artistic investigation into her own past; finding letters and old clothing’s she has inherited, or remembering melodies she hasn’t heard for years. The association she gets from these objects brings back memories of situations or persons, and breath them back to life.

Memories are the base inspiration of Erland’s works. But she is far from a nostalgic, finding comfort in the past, repeating what she remembers. She modifies her impressions, and translates them into new and spellbinding stories, expressed through clay. Stories that alternates between what was, what is and what will be.

Through her memories and experiences she builds new histories, thus drawing a line between present and past. Modelling her memories in clay, transforming them into solid objects by fire, Erland states the importance of heritage. Through these personal, emotionally charged and vibrant items she challenges us to reflect on what a memory is.

Photo: Jens Erland

A Series of Jars,
named Vein:

A cloth bag of long stockings was a part of my heritage.
It came to be an inspiring heritage on moderation, form, pattern and diligence.

My material is clay, on stoneware my mothers pattern gets a new twist.
Trough my jars, they live on into a new area. (Karen Erland)

Photo the Interaction Series: Tore T.Wiig
Photo the Vein Series: Olav Garborg