Jens Erland

Jens Erland (NO) holds his education from National College of Art and Design, Bergen, Norway. His works has been exhibited widely, included solo and group shows in Norway, Korea, China and several European countries.

Among the grants Erland has received are the the Norwegian Council of Culture´s Grant for Project, GI – the National Guaranteed Income for Artists, The National Scholarship for Artist Material, Compensation Fund Grant and the National 4 yrs. Scholarship for Artists.

Erland’s works are included in a vide range of collections; The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo, National Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Trondheim, the Art Association of Bryne, Mrs Rothschild’s Collection, London, Stavanger Art Museum, Stavanger, West Norway Museum of Applied Art, Bergen, Norwegian Council of Culture, Expo Ceramic Museum, Icheon, Korea, Telenor Brussels, Museum of Installation, London, Ambassador’s Residence, Berlin, Statoil, North-Sea, Bergen Art Museum, (KODE), Bergen.

Commissions by Erland might be seen throughout Norway, and his works is published in a number of catalogues and publications. He has also received The Culture Prizes of Rogaland County and Stavanger Aftenblad (with Karen Erland) and the Special Prize, 1.World Ceramic Biennale, Icheon, Korea.
Photo: Olav Garborg

Jens Erland


Norwegian Council of Culture´s Grant for Project
GI – the National Guaranteed Income for Artists
The National Scholarship for Artist Material
Compensation Fund Grant
The National 4 yrs. Scholarship for Artists.


“My working field is placed between the powerful expression of woodfired stoneware, and the opposite: a formal language with a strictly precision. Often I take advantage from optical interference making rhythmical patterns and from the histories carried by every material.

My works of art are loaded from the melting point of ceramic tradition, declining industrial culture and contemporary art. The shaping method builds on strong simplification of the central motif, thus condensing the layers of meaning. Symmetry with small displacement is often preferred.

In addition I am deeply concerned with the theme of transition, interaction of light and shade, of time and the cycles going through all life.”
Jens Erland

Photoes: Olav Garborg/photo of White Top: Halvard Haugerud

Jens Erland commenting his work