Reflections of Sky and Water

In her new series of works, called “Mnemnosyne”, Ina Otzko connects ancient Greek religion and her own heritage from the northern parts of Norway. In Greek mythology Mnemosyne is the goddess of memory and one of the Titans, the twelve divine children of the earth-goddess Gaia and the sky-god Uranus. Thus Otzko links memories to our connection with the land in which we are born and live:

Who should and can tell our stories? Will they be told and how will they be told?
Who are we?
Where are we going?

The road goes north, back to
a small bay, where my lifetime
is glimpsed in the reflection
of the sky in the water

Hanne Bramness
(Translated by Anna Reckin)

Ina Otzko is a visual artist based in Northern Norway and Italy. Her work revolves around questions of connections, communication and belonging – visible and invisible. Through a deep listening approach she explores time, space and consciousness. How our individual and collective energy exchange affects our choices, bringing/creating changes in how we perceive and relate to ourselves, others, our surroundings and life on Earth. She works project based and her artistic production manifests through various media including photography, video, sound, text, sculpture, performance.