Burger Totem

The Visual Wizard

“It´s a great achievement to be able to meet a brief with such a juicy and playful visual language with an overflow of references to pop and subculture. Good connection to the concept’s existing business profile. The jury celebrate humour as an artistic quality.”

The quote is from the Visuelt jury 2017, commenting on Frode Skaren´s ”Illegal Burger Art Print”. A print for witch he was awarded the gold prize of illustrations. The Visual contest is Norway’s largest annual competition in visual communication and awards works in Graphic Design, Illustration, Digital Design and Moving Image. The competition presents the best works of applied art and illustrations and aims to inspire new approaches and high academic standards.

Frode Skaren often works under the alias Uglylogo and is best known for his charming characters and a hilarious abundance of pop references. If you´ve seen one of his works, you immediately recognizes his style when you see another. Frode and his work has been featured in Norwegian and international magazines such as Dagens Næringsliv, Morgenbladet, VG, Monocle, Computer Arts, Businessweek, Little White Lies and on the cover of Creative Review. Last year even Mercedes Benz did an ad campaign featuring Skaren´s illustrations.

But it doesn´t stop here. Skaren also got a diploma at Visuelt for his illustrations in the annual rapport of Helseutvalget (NO). “His lovely, over-lush and brave drawings describe situations that a photograph could not make in an annual report. By his strange and humorous drawings, laughter replace the embarrassment of the subject”, to quote the jury.

We are very proud to represent this wonderful artist, and congratulate him on highly earned awards!
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