The Award Collector

John Arne Sæterøy, alias Jason, is awarded a diploma by the Visuelt jury 2017 for his latest book “På veien til Santiago” (On the Road to Santiago. Publisher: Magicon). Jason is an acclaimed author of comics with a record of some 30 – 40 books. As early as 1991 he won a prize for his story Pervo, in the Norwegian Comics Forum’s annual comic contest. Four years later, he released his first album, “Lomma full of regn” (A pocket full of rain), an abstract comic that was voted the best comic album ever, by the Norwegian comic magazine TEGN.

Since then prices have hailed at almost the same rate as his publishing’s; Sproingprisen,  Urhunden (Sweden), Inkpotprisen, the Harvey award, The Norwegian Cultural Department comic price, the Brageprisen and the Eisener award.

The Visual contest is Norway’s largest annual competition in visual communication, and awards works in Graphic Design, Illustration, Digital Design and Moving Image. The competition presents the best works of applied art and illustrations and aims to inspire new approaches and high academic standards.

The jury’s comments that “the visual artist and author has renewed himself and left the universe he mastered so well in favour of a more open and intuitive documentary approach. The result is a sore and thought-provoking travel report.”

Jason has, since 2000, made himself known on the French and US market, with numerous releases. He is now published in 15 countries, among them Poland, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Serbia, Czech Republic, USA, South Korea and all the Nordic countries. His books are published simultaneously in French, Spanish, English and Norwegian.

We congratulate our fantastic artist on yet another well-deserved award!

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