Gitte Sætre

The Possibility of Change

ArtLego artist Gitte Sætre´s interest lie within methods of understanding particular forms of knowledge production. The investigation of roles and positions are prime motives of her performances, films and photos. Her projects often are within the sphere of national and international politics and touches upon rituals with religious connotations, feminism, humour, hopes and dreams. In her upcoming exhibition “Magic of Seven” at Foundation 3,14, she asks if it´s possible to change mans habit of solving conflicts with war.

The film “Magic of Seven” stages a collective exercise between 7 women. Leaving their domestic lives, they start on a journey, aiming to change a 7000 years old masculine war culture on 7 continents. They meet by a lake in the forest, performing a ritual, which may have the potential to end wars.

If you doubt the possibility to think differently on conflict solving and the value of political art, you have a new opportunity to reflect on your position at Foundation 3,14.
Curator of “Magic of Seven” is Malin Barth.

View also Sætre´s wonderful photos at Sunderø

“Magic of Seven”
19.08- 16.10. 2016
Foundation 3,14
Vaagsallmenningen 12, 5014 Bergen, NORWAY