Oor Wullie

Oor Wullie to the Bucket Trail

Debbie Lawson´s done it again! Her magical carpets of boars, foxes and deer’s have found their equal in the giant interactive Oor Wullie snow globe. The statue is to be mounted at the Bucket Trail by the Tayside Children´s hospital in Dundee, over the weekend. (Photo: Courtesy of the artist)

ArtLego artist Lawson confesses she grew up with Oor Wullie and is a big fan. The sculpture looks like a giant toy come to life. In it is a sensor and when people walk past, the snow blows. Just like the globes you get for Christmas. Making the statue turned out to be really complicated, with a lot of engineering issues, Lawson states in an interview with thetele.co.uk. At one point she was not sure it was going to be possible, but now all the complicated work is done and it functions perfectly.

The giant snow globe will stay on display at the children’s hospital and, due to a late arrival remain a separate piece from the rest of the trail.

At ArtLego we absolutely adore the sculpture, and are sure the children will love it too. Congratulations to Debby Lawson on her newest project – and to the Tayside Children´s hospital on getting a fabulous new piece of magical art.

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