Thin Black Clay Slices

Nothing Odd about Odd Standard

Foodie and writer of restaurant reviews, Anders Husa, have visited the Bocuse d’Or gold winning chef Charles Tjessheim´s new restaurant, Mundo. Not only was he infatuated by the food, but he also writes about their tableware.

Nothing odd about that. Whatever the artist duo Tonje Sandberg and Constance Kristiansen lay their hands on, it´s bound to be interesting. The duo behind Odd Standard has delivered tableware to several leading resturants in Norway, like Michelin star awarded RE-NAA in Stavanger and Nordøst in Trondheim. At Mundo all food is served on their amazing displays. Their Juniper Stands (photo) and plates even hit it to Sunderø Gallery artist Børge Lund´s comic strip Lunch.

Nevertheless the artists are very keen not to be over exposed, and have a policy of never making goods for more than one restaurant in each town. Thus Oslo, Stavanger, Haugesund, Sandnes and Stockholm are now taken, and rumours have it that restaurants in other places of the world have made contact.

Odd standard doesn´t deliver only to restaurants or companies. They also sell to privates who are looking for hand crafted bowls, plates, cups or whatever you might call their fascinating works. Please contact us if you would like to purchase some of their objects, and we´ll help you get some really original food display.