Bente Kluge

The Telling of Stories

To write a story is a slow growth process, according to the author Karen Blixen. A story might have it´s origin in an image of a place, a house, a landscape or even an actual event. Either way this is just the grain of dust that pearls grow around. The inspiration of a story is not vital for the reader, and anyway one might not even recognize it in the final text.

For ArtLego artist Bente Kluge the process of making art is much the same as for Blixen. She collects thoughts, impressions, hazy ideas and memories. Her mind is always engaged in a creative process, sometimes resulting in the tangible forms of her figurative sculptures. She is reluctant to put into words the meaning of her works; instead she lets her sculptures speak for themselves. If you ever read Blixen´s short story ”The Blanc Page” (Det ubeskrevne blad), you´ll know why.

As a viewer one easily gets the feeling that Kluge´s figures origins from stories. Her dreaming angels, strange figures on horses or in a boat, someway or other they all seem to be on a quest we as viewers fail to comprehend. We are left to use our imagination and create our own stories – just as the old lady in Blixen´s short story encourage us to do. (Picture from the exhibition, detail)

This August Sandnes Art Society shows sculptures by Bente Kluge and paintings by Torill Brosten. The works range from figurative to abstract, from small formats to large spatial works. Having different approaches, the artists still seek to explore and learn from each other through their partnership, creating works that supplement and complement each other. If you´re in the neighbourhood we recommend you to visit the show. You might also view works by her at the ArtLego shop.

Exhibition address: Sandnes Art Society, Olav Kyrresgate 5., Sandnes (NO)
12. June – 14. August
Opening hours:
Wednesday – Friday 18-22
Saturday 11–16
Sunday 12-17