Du går feil vei, s. 28

The Art of Melancholy

ArtLego is proud to announce a new comic book artist: Jason (John Arne Sæterøy). Jason has received numerous awards for his work, including three Eisner Awards, one Harvey Award, Brageprisen, Sproing award and the comic award of Norway´s Ministry of Culture. His book “I killed Adolf Hitler” has been optioned for a feature film.

Since 2000 Jason has made himself known on the French and US market, with numerous releases. He is now published in 15 countries, among them Poland, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Serbia, Czech Republic, USA, South Korea and all the Nordic countries. His books are published simultaneously in French, Spanish, English and Norwegian.

A Jason character is easily recognized, although he operates with a wide cast of figures. Whether it is James Joyce, Frida Khalo, a zombie or werewolves, they all have in common that they are drawn like animals. In the Jason universe you´ll find dogs, cats, rabbits and birds, with a little too big heads, elongated bodies and white eyes without pupils – or black, if it´s a zombie. His figures are melancholy and introvert, but a certain degree of existentialism aside, also strangely humorous.

Jason is inspired by art and culture; often pulp fiction and film noir, and likes to put famous characters into new settings.

You have a unique opportunity to buy one of his originals at ArtLego. Check our shop for details.