Running Fences III

Abstraction is Back!

Abstractions are in the vanguard of the revival! In resent years there has been a shift towards abstraction. Just when everybody thought that slick, glossy, text packed works was The Thing, abstraction took it´s revenge in shows everywhere; BC gallery in Berlin with the group show ABSTRACT, London based Megan´s Piper with Tess Jaray and Parasol Unit with Rana Begum, NY has it´s share with Abstract Expressionism at RA, Lousiana in Denmark with a retrospective of Poul Gernes, not to mention that some million people have visited Hilma af Klint´s and Yayoi Kusamas works on tour to the major museums of Europe.

From the above mentioned you might get the expression that abstractions belong mostly to elderly, established artists. But that´s not the case. Check whats on in your neighbourhood, and we´re sure you´ll find venues showing abstracts worthy of your time. You are also most welcome to check our website. We recommend Marius Martinussen, Jens Erland, Christine Istad, Gelah Penn, Svein Rønning (picture), Magnar Moen and Hilde Skjeggestad!