Wolf and Tree I detail

Drawings on the move

Talented ArtLego artist Tanja Thorjussen has an active praxis, and this year especially. From BAR residency for Arctic Hysteria research in Kirkenes and Murmansk in the Northern hemisphere to Oslo, south of Norway, and then to Medellin, Colombia and New York, USA, she is showing her drawings and holding performances.

In her praxis she is particularly interested in the mythologies of the far north, and the connection between nature and humankind. Here is a list of some of her plans for the next months:

24 – 26 June: Timebag Art Show in Medellin (with the art collective LOCUS) http://www.locusart.org/

July she will hold a performance together with her husband Don Lawrence at the small island Steilene outside of Oslo and on 13. August they will perform at Finse.

13 August: Performance with her husband Don Lawrence at Finse, Norway.

14. August it´s time for The Sun That Never Sets for The Sounds Around You, at CR10 in Linlithgo, NY, just outside of Hudson, NY.

10. September: The first exhibitions in the series “Artic Hysteria” (with the LOCUS group) at the “Kunst rett vest” festival at Dikemark old hospital, Norway.

As if this isn´t enough she will take part in EKPGO 2016, a parallel program to the Drawing Biennial 2016 in Oslo, and work with her drawings for a school in Larvik, Norway.

Next year starts with a residency at the Norwegian Drawing association’s place in Tenerife, preparing for a separate show at Vadsø Art Society in April-May 2018.

ArtLego congratulate her on her success. Check her wonderful drawings at the ArtLego shop

(Drawing: Wolf and Tree I, detail)